Tattoo Removal Seattle: What Is It And How Does It Work?

Do you want to get rid of the tattoo that doesn't match your personality anymore? Gone are the days when removing tattoos was nearly impossible. Tattoo removal Seattle uses non-invasive magnetic tattoo removal technique that removes the tattoo's ink from the skin without causing infection. 

A recent study by Astanza reveals that nearly 23% of the US population experience tattoo regret. There are various places in Seattle where you can get your tattoo removed. In this post, we will share the complete information on tattoo removal Seattle.

What Is A Tattoo Removal Service?

A tattoo removal service includes the process of removing tattoos by using non-invasive techniques. It reduces the visible coloration of the tattoo's ink on the skin. The tattoo removal Seattle is performed  in multiple sessions. 

During the treatment, experts use magnetic needles and formulated serum that helps in removing the tattoo's ink without causing any scars. The ink is removed by the force of magnetic needles and physical extraction. The process doesn't cause any bleeding because needles are inserted in the epidermis, which doesn't have blood vessels.

How Does Tattoo Removal Seattle Work?

There are various approaches to remove the tattoo from the skin. However, magnetic tattoo removal Seattle is the most effective and safe process that removes the tattoo from the skin. In this technique, magnetic needles are used to aid in removing the ink without causing any pain. The tattoo's ink contains ferromagnetic properties that are harder to remove. 

During the treatment, experts use a combination of magnetic needles and a tattoo removal solution. The role of magnetic needles is to peel the epidermis's upper layer, which lets the solution directly interact with the tattoo's ink. The treatment divides into sessions that depend on the size and colors of the tattoo. If you have a tattoo of darker color, then you need multiple sessions of tattoo removal Seattle service. 

Magnetic tattoo removal technique is:

  • Effective on all types of tattoo ink
  • Proven to extract different colors of ink
  • 100% safe and non-invasive tattoo removal technique
  • Effective in removing tattoos of all age
  • Suitable for all kinds of skins

How Painful is the Tattoo Removal Process?

The magnetic tattoo removal process is pain-free and doesn't cause any scars. During the tattoo removal Seattle service, experts use non-invasive techniques that offer fast healing and let you do daily tasks without causing any discomfort. It is vital to prepare yourself for a tattoo removal session in advance.

Steps On Preparing Yourself For a Tattoo Removal Session

Getting nervous during the tattoo removal Seattle session is common, and the majority of people's concern related to tattoo removal treatment is the side effects caused by it. During the session, experts use magnetic needles and tattoo removal solutions to extract the tattoo's ink from the skin. So, get ready to get your tattoo removed through non-invasive treatment. In addition, you can follow these steps to prepare for a tattoo removal Seattle session:

  1. Protect your tattoo area from direct sun exposure (2-3 weeks before treatment).
  2. Avoid using skin lotions, creams, and creams before the 2 weeks of treatment.
  3. Shave and clean the tattoo's site before the session.
  4. Stop using any photosynthetic medications.

Precautions To Take After Getting Tattoo Removal Treatment

After getting the tattoo removal Seattle treatment, you can boost the healing process. Some patients may feel soreness and rashes after sessions. You must follow some precautions to speed up your recovery process:

  • Keep yourself away from direct sunlight.
  • Restrain yourself from smoking and consuming alcohol.
  • Use the dermatologist-prescribed soap, lotion, and skin cream.
  • Avoid submerging the treated skin in water.

What Is The Cost Of Tattoo Removal In Seattle?

The cost of tattoo removal Seattle depends on the sessions required to remove the tattoo completely, and other factors on which the treatment cost depends like tattoo size, color, and skin type. The average cost of removing the tattoo in Seattle is $200-$500 per session. Speak to the specialist to get an estimated tattoo removal cost.

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