Hone Your Skills To Give WOW Brows With Microblading Training Seattle

Do you want to make a career in the PMU industry? Or are you looking for ways to expand your business horizons? The best step for you is to craft your microblading skills. Being one of the most in-demand services; indeed, learning microblading techniques will be a turning point in your PMU career. We know this at MLNB Academy and offer you the best microblading training in Seattle. Enroll now to hone your skills!

Microblading Training Seattle| Learn the Skills To Be The Brow Wizard

What is a PMU artist if one doesn’t have the right skills for shaping the brows? The biggest segment of the PMU industry revolves around the eyebrow, out of which microblading is the most in-demand service.
After all, microblading gives the effect of denser eyebrows and always keeps your brows ready for a selfie! Evidently, there is also a rise in the demand for microblading training Seattle.
We at MLNB Academy know how to benefit from the growing demand, so we are here with our microblading training in Washington State. Our experts are here to help you learn the skills required to master microblading and earn the title of the best BROW GURU!

What To Expect From MLNB Academy’s Microblading Training Washington?

My Lash N Academy is your best bet for microblading training Seattle. We have on-boarded trained professionals with years of experience in the microblading sector. When you enroll in our microblading training Seattle, you unlock the doors to becoming the best brow wizard in the PMU industry.
We care for all our students and thus aim to give you maximum benefits from the microblading training Washington. Our experts will share all their knowledge of eyebrows, from shaping to choosing the correct pigment based on skin tone and eyebrow color.
With our course, you will also learn the skills to promote your microblading service and how to establish yourself as a force to reckon with in the PMU industry. So, what are you still thinking? Enroll in our course right away!

Our 3-Day Microblading Training

We are here with our three-day microblading training Washington, where we will teach you all the required skills to boost your PMU business.
From teaching brow mapping, shaping, and the importance of choosing the right pigment to give tips on the basic fundamentals of boosting business, our microblading training in Washington State is your best bet. Our course also covers teachings on pigment selection and retaining the microblading effects.
With our microblading training Seattle, you can be assured of learning in a slow-paced and detailed manner. Enrolled students will get the opportunity to practice on latex face and, on the last day, practice on a live model.

Price- $ 2500
Duration - 9 am - 5 pm

Stock Stunning Benefits With Our Microblading Training Seattle

Microblading training in Seattle is one of the best ways to give new wings to your business. With MLNB Academy, you get the chance to reap maximum benefits from our training. Microblading itself is a pretty beneficial service for your PMU business, and when you learn the skills from us, you unveil;

  • Basic fundamentals of Skin and Eyebrows
  • Pigments Selection and Retention
  • Photo editor and Pmu Business
  • Sanitation, Sterilization, and Proper Salon setup.
  • Work on a live model

Why Trust My Lash N Brows Academy For Lash Training Seattle?

Practice On Live Model

“Practise Maketh’ Perfection” — At MLNB Academy, we believe practice is the key to perfection; thus, we enable our students to practice on a latex face and a live model.

Free Microblading Kit

What is a microblading expert without one’s tool kit? Since you learn with us, we embark on your first step in the brow industry with a FREE microblading kit. The kit includes all the essentials to begin your career.

Completion Certificates

Authenticity and credibility are the two things behind every successful business owner, and so is the case with brow artists. We know this; thus, we offer completion certificates for our microblading training Seattle.

Learn About PMU Buisness

At My Lash N Academy, we believe that just sharpening the skills for microblading is not enough to be a successful brow wizard; thus, to help you, our microblading training in Washinton State also includes PMU business training.